OhioMBE Publisher’s Notes: Questions to ask those seeking elected office

OhioMBE Publisher, Ronda Watson Barber

Questions to ask those seeking elected office
By Ronda Watson Barber

It’s that time of the year again.  Those seeking elected office will be asking for your vote. Below are some questions to ask them.  Our votes and dollars are precious. We must use them wisely to empower, grow and economic development our communities.  The upcoming midterm elections could possibly be the biggest election of our lifetime.  There is a time to take a stand and stand for what is right. That time is now. It’s time to bring truth, justice and civility back into our government. It’s time to finally make the statement that diversity and inclusion are the norms.

The U.S. Constitution applies to all of us.  We all have the responsibility to work to insure a more perfect union for future generations.  Obstacles will be placed before us to register to vote and on Election Day.  We must resist and persist!

Just my thoughts–RWB

Questions to ask candidates seeking public office

As small and minority business owners consider asking the following questions to those seeking public office and your vote.

  1. What have you done for Black-owned & minority businesses during your career?
  2. What do you promise to do for Black-owned & minority businesses if elected?
  3. What Black-owned & minority business do you regularly purchase products or services from?
  4. Why should Black-owned & minority business owners vote for you?
  5. How important is Black-owned & minority business development to the overall Ohio economy?
  6. Are minority business set-asides and goals in city/county/state government still important and why?
  7. What can the city/county/state do to improve its purchasing with minority businesses?
  8. What should minority owned businesses do to get city/county/state contracts?
  9. Is there anything else, aside from contracting that the city/county/state can do to assist MBE’s?
  10. Who are the major contributors to your campaign?