Publisher’s Note: Advocate! Resist Biased Treatment in Columbus City Schools

Publisher’s Note: Advocate! Resist! The fight for respect and unbiased treatment in the purchasing practices will Columbus City Schools is not over. Actually, it is being kicked into overdrive. We have to continue to advocate for our businesses. We have to resist the blatant disrespect and demand inclusion.
While the retire/rehire issue of Dennis Carney was not on the District’s School Board agenda yesterday, I strongly encourage you to make your voices heard. I have questioned District officials why the issue was not on the agenda, I have not received a response. Email the Superintendent with your concerns. Challenge and question the incumbents on the School Board who are asking for your vote in October, why the District is unable to meeting purchasing goals. Ask them what their remedy to the lack of inclusion is in the purchasing scheme of the district. Ask them what they have done to improve the economic opportunities for Black businesses within the district.
It cannot continue to be business as usual with Columbus City Schools. Black people supported a permanent tax levy. The District willingly accepts tax dollars from people of color but is disrespectful and uninterested in conducting business with Black people. If district officials and staff are biased against or afraid of Black people they should not be working in an urban school district.
We must be steadfast in the battle for economic opportunities. Taxation without participation is no longer acceptable.
Just my thoughts….