Kirk Bros. seeks bids for Waterworks Improvements Contract 1-2017, Athens, OH

Kirk Bros. Co., Inc. is seeking quotes for the Athens Waterworks Improvements Contract 1-2017, Athens, OH for the following areas of the project: Roofing, Concrete/Reinforcement, Misc Metals, Painting, Process Integration, Process Equipment, Piping & Valves and Electrical. The project bids on September 8th at 11:00 am.  Bidding documents may be reviewed via the internet at Enter LXP77RANLLRVVX into the box labeled “Project Code” Fill out the registration information. Your information will be confirmed by the planroom staff, and you will be granted access. Quotes are requested by September 7, 2017 and must include the appropriate EPA Form 6100-3.  Email quotes and forms to Or Fax # 419-595-4019. Email questions to

“Kirk Bros Co. Inc is an equal opportunity employer”