Publisher’s Note: Advocate! Resist! Vote!

Advocate! Resist! Vote!
By Ronda Watson Barber – publisher

It’s that time of year.  Those seeking elected office will be asking for your vote.  There will be rallies, baby kissing and campaign promises.  Business is political.  Our votes have power.  Use your voice and vote wisely.  In the Sept. 1 issue of OhioMBE, I printed a list of questions to those seeking elected office.  I strongly suggest that you become an informed voter.  Do some research on those wanting to represent you.  Check their track record. Are they acting in your best interest?  Are they seeking office to enhance their political aspirations?  Are they beholden to big donors or lobbyists?  Will those holding office improve your business or quality of life?

I recently attended a rally hosted by Yes We Can Columbus on the Ohio State University campus.  There was a lot of diversity in the crowd. There were people of different ages, races, socio-economic status and orientation.  I attended to hear activist Shaun King and Senator Nina Turner.  Both encouraged attendees to become active in the political process.  “In 2017, we need another type of revolution.  We can’t lose the fight for social justice, said Turner”   “You don’t owe anyone your vote.  They have to earn it.  They need to prove worthy to get your vote.”

Accountability was an important theme of the conversations.  “Everybody that looks like you is not for you,” King said.  “They may be working against you.  Hold folks accountable.  Get into the details about what they believe in and what they stand for.”

A lot is a stake in the upcoming local elections.  Local races matter. They typically affect us directly.  Turner reminded the audience that the government closest to the people is the one that matters the most.  Columbus will be electing school board members and city council representatives.  I strongly encourage you to use your voting power to make a difference.

Senator Tuner suggested that midterm grades be given to elected officials.  How would you grade the incumbents running for city council or the school board?   Have their actions or decisions benefited you?  Are they worthy to continue holding office?  There is power in your vote.  Do your homework.  Choose wisely.

October 10 is the deadline to register to vote in the November 7 election.

Just my thoughts…rwb