Local entrepreneur teaches classes to empower youth

Marcus Muhammad is using his business experiences to teach leadership, business, and financial literacy classes to youth aged 14-18.  He founded The Success Club to empower young people to be successful and financial independent.

“It is imperative that our young people are equipped with the soft skills and mindset that will not only give them the ability to adapt, but even better, the ability to be at the helm of change,” he said.  “My goal is to develop and inspire financially literacy, creative thinkers that are empowered with leadership skills, business insight, and powerful public speaking skills that will help them achieve their maximum potential.”

The Columbus resident was inspired by his father. “When I was growing up, my father would always say, “Marcus, Don’t ever work for money. Make money work for you.”  The advice motivated Marcus on a lifelong quest to achieve that goal.

He has an accounting degree from The University of Maryland.  He has a wealth of business experience.  In 30 years, he has owned a variety of businesses, some of which include: dry cleaners, an online modeling agency, used car dealership, a mortgage brokerage firm, a moving company, a janitorial company, a maid service, a several retail clothing businesses..

“My Passion is helping people achieve financial freedom,” he said. “My goal is to develop and inspire a new generation of financially literate, creative thinkers, and empower them with the business insight and acumen that will help insure their success.”

Through The Success Club, Marcus offers hands on coaching and personal mentoring designed to bring out the best in your child and help them reach their maximum potential!

This program includes courses on:

The Art of Business-How to set up their own business and start making money now!  Learn the fundamentals of business, why some businesses succeed while other fail and how to take an idea from thought to reality.

The Art of Public Speaking-Build self-confidence, self-esteem, self-mastery and become an effective communicator.

The Art of Leadership- Principles of Leadership and 9 principles of Greatness.

The Art of Financial Literacy– How money works, how to think out of the box and how to develop and keep a millionaire mindset.

“Through Years of research and personal experiences, I have discovered common core principles that transcend many aspects of life and most avenues of pursuit. I share these principles to help enable my audience and clients with the mindset to break down barriers and enhance their ability to shake off mediocrity, improve self-esteem, and achieve goals far beyond their imagination.

For more information on The Success Club, visit http://marcusmuhammad.com