Publisher’s Note: Wakanda Forever!

Wakanda Forever!
By Ronda Watson Barber –

Black Panther fever has hit the planet.  The blockbuster film directed by Ryan Coogler and starring some of Hollywood’s elite Black actors have topped $700 million in ticket sales worldwide. Presently, it is the 20th all-time highest grossing movie. Folks are flocking to movie theaters, some in African garments to experience the utopian technologically advanced African country Wakanda and the power of The Black Panther.  Many are celebrating a more positive, empowering portrayal of Black people from the continent of Africa.

Black people again have shown their economic power.  Imagine if the same efforts were made to patronize a Disney movie were put into buying products and services from Black-owned businesses?

What would happen if the same determinations were put into registering to vote and casting a ballot on Election Day?  Imagine using the same energies to become politically involved and holding elected officials accountable?

Envision the advancement of our children and collective community if the same exertions to attend a movie were made to mentor and exhibit a positive healthy lifestyle for our youth.

I continue to say our dollars and votes have power. Let’s redirect our focus to create a real Wakanda.

Just my thoughts…rwb

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