wall of shame

The following organizationswall are inducted into the OhioMBE Wall of Shame for failure to support, practice and encourage diversity and inclusion in their purchasing practices.  Iam also including businesses that provide bad services or lack diversity & inclusion.

  • Granville Recreation District for allowing a white trustee to repeatedly yell at a Black woman and her dog without penalty and then blaming her.
  • E.V. Bishoff Company.  I really like my cute downtown office.  The owner is HORRIBLE.  Didn’t have heat in January and he expected full rent. Don’t have air in August and he is expecting full rent    Something isn’t right here.  As a business owner, I try to make my customers happy.  This guy only cares about his money.  BAD BUSINESS! Can’t wait until my lease is up.  M.O.V.I.N.G!
  • Steve McClure is a con artist and thief. In the name of a non profit he has stolen services from several small businesses.
  • City of Whitehall – “we are a small city…we take an ethics class”
  • Pickerington City Schools – “we don’t discriminate.  we will NOT be attending” Sent a letter to entire elected BOE – no response.
  • Olentangy Local School District – “I’m too busy”
  • Columbus Blue Jackets – “We don’t do business with those types of business”
  • Columbus City Council – spent less than 1% with women & minority owned businesses.
  • City of Bexley – “not interested”
  • Bexley City Schools – no response. “not interested.  we don’t have any MBE requirements or goals.” I emailed the only Black school board member she told me to direct my sales pitch to the administration.  Accused me of being presumptuous.
  • South-Western City Schools – no response
  • Whitehall City Schools – no response. Emailed Black BOE member –no response
  • Dublin City Schools – no response
  • Westerville City Schools – no response
  • Huntington National Bank – unable to participate after numerous requests
  • Battelle – no response
  • Franklin University – no response
  • Otterbein College – no response
  • Ohio Dominican University – no response
  • Denison University – no response

 Minority Business is good Business!