Guest Column: Proven, Trusted Leadership by Nana Watson, Columbus NAACP Branch President

Nana Watson – Columbus NAACP President

Proven, Trusted Leadership
By Nana Watson
Columbus NAACP Branch President

Since assuming the role of President in 2016, of the Columbus Chapter of the NAACP, I have invested Proven, Trusted Leadership.

It has been indeed a pleasure to serve as your President, but our work together as a cohesive collaborative unit must continue to help improve the living conditions of all black citizens in Columbus.

Under my Leadership, a once declining membership has significantly increased and our NAACP has 6 current Lifetime Members.  Regular membership has seen steady growth.

Under my Leadership, we were able to become fiscally solvent taking this organization from a Zero Balance to over $5,000 on our books.

With me having served as President for the past two years, we have been able to make inroads giving feedback to many local, political, organizations, including law enforcement to ensure that the Community we serve has a respected, trusted seat at the table.

We have worked with Franklin County Commissioners, the City of Columbus, City Council, the Mayors Office, the Police Department, the Columbus School Board and Administration to guarantee that our Community is receiving fair treatment and economic development for black citizens, including children, black business owners, ex-offenders and  many others where we see a need.

We have worked local Pastors and continue to update them on how their NAACP is helping their faith based communities.

We have taken part in Focus Groups, Task Force and Collectives to make sure the Community’s voice is being heard and understood in matters of Criminal, Social and Economic Justice.

Retaining me as your president will guarantee the Proven, Trusted Leadership that you now all expect and that the Community Deserves

Editor’s Note:  Nana is the recipient of the 2018 OhioMBE Civil Rights Award.

Published in OhioMBE – November 1, 2018 – pdf