OhioMBE Guest Column: With Prosperity for All by Marilyn Brown

With Prosperity for All
by Marilyn Brown, Franklin County Commissioner

When people ask me what county government does, my answer is simple.  We’re there for every resident, and we work the hardest for those who need us the most.

We are proud of the positive impact that Franklin County government offers every resident, every day. County government is often called the “social safety net,” and Franklin County does indeed provide residents with essential services to meet their needs.

We are also intentional in investing and partnering with local businesses to help Franklin County prosper.  Many of these investments support small and minority businesses because we know how important a thriving, diverse business community is to our social fabric.

We invest in small business development because the success of our region requires that we maximize the talent and passion of our entrepreneurs.  We invest in worker training so that local businesses can hire the qualified employees they need to grow.  And we invest in moving residents from poverty to self-sufficiency because the future of our community demands that every person have the ability to prosper.

That’s why, along with my fellow Commissioners Kevin Boyce and John O’Grady, we have made attacking poverty and shared prosperity our primary focus for 2018.  Working together, we can build a future for Franklin County with prosperity for all.

As your Franklin County Commissioner, I remain dedicated to supporting every resident in Franklin County to have opportunities to thrive.  I look forward to continuing this work, in collaboration with the small and minorities businesses that make our community strong.

Brown was the recipient of the 2016 OhioMBE Frank W. Watson Advocacy Award.

Marilyn Brown has been elected as Franklin County Commissioner in 2006, 2010, and 2014, and is up for reelection this November

Published in OhioMBE – August 1, 2018 – pdf