Franklin County Corner – Dec. 1

Franklin County Corner – Dec. 1

Franklin County overview:

  • 33 Agencies.
  • 42 Independently Elected Officials.
  • 39 Appointed Boards, Commissions and Committees.
  • All Buy Goods and Services By Various Methods.
  • We Encourage You to Get to Know Them. 

Doing Business with Franklin County Begins with:

  • Vendor Registration
  • Can Be Done Online
  • Registration process
    • By NIGP Commodity Codes
    • Allows Management of Vendor Database
    • Bid Notifications Driven from Database
    • A Resource for Finding Suppliers of One Time or Less Than Bid Threshold Supplies and Services.

 Small Emerging Business Coordinator, Marleise K. Wicker  614.525.22.93 –