Columbus SmartCity seeks to purchase a Multimodal Trip Planning Application (MMTPA)

The Central Ohio Transit Agency (COTA) and the City of Columbus (City) are interested in purchasing a phased deployment of a new application environment for the execution of multimodal transportation known as the Multimodal Trip Planning Application (MMTPA) for end to end (door to door) multimodal trip execution. The MMTPA will make multimodal options easily accessible to all by providing a robust set of transit and alternative transportation options including routes, schedules, booking, and reserving possibilities. The application will allow travelers to request and view multiple trip itineraries and make reservations for shared-use transportation options such as transit, bikesharing, transportation network companies (TNCs) and carsharing. Using the MMTPA, users will be able to compare travel options across modes, plan and pay for their travel based upon current traffic conditions and availability of services.

Through this Request COTA and the City hereby solicits proposals from only those MMTPA solutions vendors that meet the requirements outlined in this RFP. This solution is critical to the Smart Columbus program portfolio and envisioned to be interoperable and be tightly integrated to the Common Payment System (CPS), Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) payment backend and the Smart Columbus Operating System (Operating System). Due to the tight integration needed for a fully functioning multimodal ecosystem between the MMTPA and the CPS, they will often be referenced together. Included is an overview of the proposed MMTPA/CPS system including its relationship with data sources, Mobility Providers, and related Smart Columbus projects. A definition of the system including representative operational scenarios is provided in the, “Concept of Operations for the Multimodal Trip Planning Application/Common Payment System (MMTPA/CPS) for the Smart Columbus Demonstration Program”. This document is available at the City’s SharePoint site and will be posted by 5:00 PM Eastern Time on August 8, 2018. Refer to the following link:

COTA and the City are in need of a multimodal transit solution in order to provide high quality, accessible services to its customers. Both are looking to provide an integrated transit experience (planning, execution and payment) for the Greater Columbus region, which may span a minimum of 7 counties. This solution must provide customers with an easy-to-use, open and integrated platform, connecting along all mobility modes identified in the region. Mobility modes include, but are not limited to fixed route transit, demand response {including Americans with Disabilities (ADA) complementary paratransit} transit, human services transportation, ridesharing services, vanpool/carpool, taxis/limos, transportation network companies (TNC), carshare, bikeshare (B-Cycle), parking meters and garages.