Our Black Card Businesses

The OhioMBE Black Card is an innovative program designed to support and empower Black-owned businesses within Ohio. Participating businesses in this network accept the OhioMBE Black Card, offering exclusive discounts and special offers to cardholders. This initiative not only encourages community members to shop locally and support Black entrepreneurs but also fosters a sense of unity and economic growth within the Black business community. By accepting the OhioMBE Black Card, these businesses are not just part of a directory; they’re active participants in a movement that champions diversity, inclusivity, and the prosperity of minority-owned businesses in Ohio.

Swahili House 254 (Authenic Handmade African Jewelry & Accessories) 614-390-9384The Carter Chronicles (Clothing and Accessories) theCarterChronicles.com
Health & Wellness
Haynes Hands of Healing (Massage & Reflexology) – 614-62-9599
Ronda Barber (Notary) – 614-522-9122Tyra Glover (Notary) – 614-485-8336
Personal Care
Vending Services
Tyra Glover – 614-532-6353