MORPC issues RFP for Short North Late Night Parking Shuttle


Short North Late Night Parking Shuttle

Pilot DATE OF ISSUE: November 26, 2018

DEADLINE: December 13, 2018

This RFP seeks an operator for the Shuttle service.

The operator must be able to provide the following minimum requirements for the Short North Late Night Parking Shuttle (Shuttle):

  • Length of Term
    The Shuttle must begin January 22, 2019 and continue for one year ending January 22, 2020.
  • Hours of Operation
    The Shuttle must operate six (6) days a week (Monday thru Saturday) from 10pm-3am including all holidays.
  • Route
    The Shuttle must provide users the ability to make on demand stops on High Street between King Avenue to the north and Nationwide Boulevard to the south. If at any time High Street is closed the operator must provide an alternative on demand route encompassing these service boundaries.

    The route must include an anticipated final destination at the LeVeque Tower Parking Garage located at the intersection of Front Street and Gay Street in Downtown Columbus. The operator will be expected to complete an agreement with the parking garage owner to allow the Shuttle vehicle to enter the lower level of the garage for passenger drop-off. If there is an event or other issue that means the LeVeque Tower Parking Garage is not available on a specific date, the operator must be able to communicate any garage changes to the Shuttle users and identify an alternative garage/area in coordination with the Short North Alliance.

    In the event that the Short North Alliance does not finalize or maintain an ongoing agreement with the LeVeque Tower Parking Garage for this program, another garage in close vicinity will be utilized.

    Preference will be provided for vendors that include a proposal option for on demand pickups at each employee’s place or work, in contrast to a limited number of set stop locations (e.g. stops each block). Proposers that can provide this option should provide cost estimates for both set stop and individualized on-demand stop services.

  • Access

    The operator must provide a secure, on demand method of requesting and boarding the shuttle in the form of a mobile application. This mobile application will include a function that confirms that riders are a part of the eligible population. Preference will be provided to vendors that include an option for individuals who do not have access to a smart phone. Alternative access methods may be proposed to similarly meet the needs of the users and the program.

    The operator must communicate with users the time and location estimations based on dynamic scheduling. This may be in the form of shuttle tracking.

  • Vehicle
    The operator shall provide vehicle(s) that are maintained in a state of safe, clean, and good mechanical repair during the entirety of the Shuttle program.

    The operator must provide a plan that addresses ADA needs of users. Vehicle size and quantity should be sufficient to manage user demand without delays for users.

  • Security
    The operator must provide a safe, secure, and reliable service to users.

    The operator must provide a service that ensures that only eligible individuals are requesting and boarding the Shuttle. Preference will be provided to vendors who include an option that has an option for those who do not have a smart phone.

    The operator will provide a list to the Short North Alliance to distribute to associated businesses that will review employee eligibility. The operator must be able to remove and add users from eligibility as communicated by MORPC through the Short North Alliance’s eligibility verification coordination with businesses.

  • Data
    On a weekly basis and at the request of MORPC, the operator must be able to provide trip-level ridership and utilization data of the Short North employee shuttle users that includes, at a minimum, the following: user name, employer, request time, pick-up time and location, drop-off time and location. This data must be made accessible to program partners subject to the execution of appropriate data sharing and privacy agreements.
  • Customer Service
    The operator must provide service option for users to contact during the days of operation, six days a week for customer service


The minimum requirements listed in each category of the Scope of Services should be addressed in the proposal response. Proposals should include the following in the order outlined or proposals may be rejected:

>    Operator Information

  • Provide background on the operator including names and background of key members of the Be sure to include specific information on the main point of contact that MORPC and the Short North Alliance will interact with on a regular basis.
  • The proposal must identify the key persons managing the Shuttle operation and contact

>    Description of Past Experience

  • The description should detail any past/ongoing operations or projects of similar scope operated by the

>    Scope of Services Required

  • Describe the service to be provided, including the required scope items detailed in the Scope of Services section of this The response organization should be based on organization found in the Scope of Services section.

>    Cost Proposal

  • Detail all costs for these proposed If the proposer is able to provide on-demand individualized stops, provide detailed costs for both set stop and individualized stop options.

>     References

  • Provide references from at least three (3) agencies for which the offerer has provided comparable services found in the scope of


This 52-week pilot is budgeted at an amount not to exceed $80,000.

Small, minority-owned, or woman-owned businesses are strongly encouraged to apply.

View Complete RFP here: Final_RFPShortNorthShuttle