Tips for Businesses Getting Started on Social Media

5 Tips for Businesses Getting Started on Social Media
Noni Banks, President and CEO of The Diva Movement

Noni Banks, founder of The Diva Movement

Saturday, November 30th is Small Business Saturday. This day is a great time for businesses to connect with loyal customers, expand their customer base, and kick off the holiday season. Social media plays a large part for many small businesses in connecting with their customers, and sharing their story. Noni Banks, founder of The Diva Movement, a local business focused on empowering and motivating women entrepreneurs, is offering tips for businesses getting started on social media 

  1. Be Authentic 
    For businesses starting out, it’s so important to give people a flavor of who you are and what you are all about. People will get so much more invested in your business if they are familiar with you and your story. And be real – as a women run business I love to share things that are uniquely female! I find that the more “unfiltered” I can be, the more likely people are to relate and engage with my content. 
  2. Aesthetic Matters
    This one may seem obvious, but in this day and age when we consume so much information online, you want your content to look as appealing as possible! From the photos you post, to the graphics you share, you should have a consistent aesthetic that feels authentic to your brand / business. 
  3. Stories, Stories, Stories! 
    Instagram and Facebook stories are a fun and topical way to share information in a way that is quick and easy to digest – exactly how we like things these days. You can really get creative with them, too! Stories are becoming more and more popular, and as a business you have to move with the tide, not against it. Take advantage of stories and have fun with them! 
  4. It Shouldn’t Just be About You 
    While of course we post about our business and all the things that are going on at the Diva Movement, our mission is to empower, motivate, and inspire, so we try and post content that does just that. Sharing interesting articles and posting inspirational quotes helps us keep things fresh and relevant. One of our goals is to help to elevate and amplify the voice of the female small business owner. One of the hashtags that I like to use is community over competition. We believe in fostering a collaborative environment.
  5. Take a Social Media Crash Course
    There are so many tools on social media platforms that are there to help you – it’s really just a matter of learning what they are and how you can use them. Facebook Blueprint is one free resource that teaches you about the tools the platform offers specifically for businesses – I highly suggest taking advantage of resources like these! 

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