2019 OhioMBE Awards Top FBE Nominee: Enlightened Financial Group

Tia Johnson

Enlighten Angle Financial Group is being led by Tia Johnson a successful entrepreneur, recognized mentor to girls, certified financial education instructor mortgage loan advisor and tax practitioner.

Tia Johnson is a  committed community partner that works hard to effect change for the 21st-century girl. Our girls’ will be equipped to build financial confidence, increase financial IQ, practical financial skills explore financial systems.

After lucid surveys and experience, she has put together a program that allows girls you care about to start building their financial road map now! She has decided to take a bold step and created a promising opportunity to reach girls at pivotal points in their development and financial lives.  Her aim is teaching young girls to be the heroines of their own story and thrive. Tia life experiences, education, failures and successes has endured her passion. As the financial empowerment coach, her passion has provided her the opportunity to build relationships, break down barriers and move people to take the action needed to live in their purpose. Tia is fully equipped to educate and guide young girls, youth and families on the path to financial success.

Tia can be reached at tiajohnsonmentors.com or at 614-602-1842


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