Within 18 days after the killing of Casey Christopher Goodson, Jr., the Columbus NAACP has learned that another officer was involved in shooting a Black Man.

“We are incensed; these shootings have become all to a commonplace. We are appalled to issue another statement about the killing of yet another Black Man in Columbus, while we await the findings in the Goodson case. We send our prayers to the many families and friends of those lost in our streets,” said Nana Watson, President.

In 2015, the Columbus Branch NAACP demanded that CPD be equipped with body cameras. We participated in a long process to acquire them.  The NAACP has questions and concerns about officers wearing and turning on our body cameras? There is always seems to be a mystery and vagueness surrounding law enforcement involved shootings, and we are tired of decoding words used to describe suspects after the fact.  What is meant by a suspicious vehicle?

We have worked with the Columbus Division of Police to bring about change to the department’s culture and behavior, and it has now it appears that recommendations as it relates to body cameras are not being consistently followed. It is our hope the BCI will share their findings on what actually happened. Rest assured that your Columbus NAACP remains committed to truth and transparency.

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