Rep. Ingram announces over 130 jobs coming to Cincinnati

COLUMBUS— State Rep. Catherine Ingram (D-Cincinnati) announced today the approval by the Ohio Tax Credit Authority (TCA) of a project that will create 137 jobs in Ohio House District 32. The TCA board approved the following:

CBTS Technology Solutions LLC, Cities of Cincinnati and Springdale (Hamilton Co.), which is expected to create 137 full-time positions, generate $15.8 million in new annual payroll and retain $77.2 million in existing payroll. CBTS Technology Solutions provides technology consulting services including cloud assessment and strategy, infrastructure needs, and communication channels.

“The creation of full-time jobs at a time when many Ohioans have lost their jobs is exactly what we need to continue moving forward. These jobs get us closer to our promise that you can live and work in the state of Ohio,” said Rep. Ingram. “I am honored that District 32 and Cincinnati are home to innovative companies and businesses like CBTS.”

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