2021 OhioMBE Top MBE & Top FBE Dr. Bridget Williams pens new book

COURAGE IN CANNABIS—A COMPILATION OF INSPIRING STORIES OF HEALING THROUGH CANNABIS Authored by Top-Female Owned and Top-Minority Owned Business Leader, Dr. Bridget Williams, Courage in Cannabis is a compilation of 18 inspiring stories written by those who have used the power of cannabis medicine. 

Driven by a passion for sharing the individual stories of those who have discerned Cannabis as their chosen option for treatment, Visionary Author Dr. Bridget Williams shares inspirational stories of healing and powerful breakthroughs achieved through the use of cannabis medicine. 

As the medical cannabis industry continues to grow, patients who use cannabis to treat their medical needs have a story of courage to share. Not long ago, cannabis was illegal for the many people in the United States who have depended on its healing properties. Now that legalization is sweeping the country, cannabis patients are courageously stepping forward and sharing their journey to healing through cannabis. 

Courage in Cannabis, the groundbreaking collection of short stories, will launch digitally on December 13th, 2021, available on Amazon. Through each chapter, the reader is guided through eighteen inspirational stories, intimately connecting with the group of powerful authors. 

The collection features inspiring contributing authors who are doctors, lawyers, activists, and pioneers in the cannabis industry with unique experiences and perspectives that have led them to the plant. The authors come from across the United States and Canada featuring some of the greatest changemakers in the hemp, CBD, and cannabis industries. 

Through sharing their stories, they hope to share how cannabis has healed aspects of their lives and inspire readers to rethink cannabis as a viable treatment option or step out and share their cannabis story with those around them.

Dr. Bridget Williams shares, “the power of cannabis can be found in the stories of those who use it.” While reading through the chapters of Courage in Cannabis, the reader learns of the struggles, triumphs, and perseverance of the contributing authors throughout their journey in Cannabis. 

Beyond releasing Courage in Cannabis, Dr. Bridget Williams is dedicated to making space for others to share their own courageous journey with cannabis with a like-minded, supportive community. To further this commitment, she has created the Courage in Cannabis Clubhouse which airs on the Reclaim your Wellness Channel Tuesday nights at 7 pm. Here, cannabis patients from all over share their stories of healing and transformation through the power of cannabis.

The book is available at CourageinCannabis.com 



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