Kokosing Construction seeks sub/suppliers for the CRAA-LCK Vehicle  Service Road Rehabilitation project

Attention DBE Companies” 

Kokosing Construction Co., Inc. is preparing a bid for the CRAA-LCK Vehicle  Service Road Rehabilitation at the Rickenbacker International Airport. We are  seeking quotes for any portion of the project listed that you are qualified to  perform or provide supplies, which includes the following: 

Asphalt Pavement Removal, Joint and Crack Repair, Concrete Removal,  Crushed Aggregate Placement, Asphalt Pavement Milling, Asphalt Paving,  Pavement Markings, Seeding, Flagging, Escorting, and Erosion and Sediment  Controls. 

Copies of the bidding documents can be obtained from the B2GNow website,  https://columbusairports.diversitycompliance.com/; Key Blueprints, 614-228- 3285, www.keycompanies.com or viewed at F.W. Dodge, The Columbus  Regional Airport Authority, The Builders Exchange or at 6235 Westerville Rd.,  Westerville, OH 43081. Please submit quotes to Ryan Davis via e-mail at  rad@kokosing.biz by 4:00 p.m., January 26th, 2022 or fax at 740-927-9227. Mr.  Davis may be contacted at 740-497-8966. 

“Kokosing Construction Company is an equal opportunity employer.”

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