Franklin County Engineer’s Office seeks to hire a Fiscal Specialist

Fiscal Specialist 

The Franklin County Engineer’s Office is looking for a full-time Fiscal Specialist to join the team in our  Fiscal Department. 

Here is What is Important to Succeed: 

Positive attitude, respectful of others, good listening skills, accountable for your actions, and good  attendance. 

Here is What You’ll Do: 

Under direction of the Assistant Fiscal Officer, prepares payment of all accounts payable invoices to  include matching invoices to purchase orders, entering vouchers to MUNIS for payment, making  necessary file copies, follow-up on all vendor correspondence, and ensures that there are sufficient  purchase order amounts available in MUNIS for invoice payments; processes vendor w-9s and address  changes. Processes travel/training requests and employee reimbursements and maintains files for such.  Maintains contract files for all contractors and consultants doing business with the Franklin County  Engineer including: types in general bid information on prepared award legislation and contract  documents, obtains appropriate signatures and notarization, and sends information to Commissioners’  Office for approval; initiates purchase orders for projects, processes estimates for payment, matches  invoices to open purchase orders and enters the data for electronic submission to the County Auditor,  files invoices, corresponds with vendors concerning invoices. Performs purchase order analysis and  entry based on requests; assists staff with obtaining justification information required for purchase orders  (contract documentation, 3 quote process, etc.); maintains files for requisitions and approved requests. Enters bid results onto computer and prints the bid tabulation document; completes contract  and resolution forms awarding contracts; uploads contract documentation for submittal to the Board of  Commissioners; prepares purchase orders for each project; initiates the necessary paperwork for  contract modifications as submitted by the project engineers. 

Our Mission: 

The Franklin County Engineer’s Office provides for safe and efficient movement of people and goods  from place to place by designing, building, and maintaining Franklin County’s roads, bridges, and  infrastructure for multiple modes of transportation. We are an agency of action, innovation, and  collaboration. 

Why Choose Franklin County Engineer’s Office? 

The Franklin County Engineer’s Office is a great place to work! We love our jobs, our teammates, and  our work environment. In addition, we offer a rich benefits package that includes health, vision, dental,  prescription, and life insurance. The Ohio Public Employees’ Retirement System provides retirement  benefits. We also have a generous leave plan. 

Pay Range: 

The pay for this position will start at $30.89 per hour

To Apply: 

Please submit an application via our website: http://www.franklincountyengineer.or g/employment/ Application deadline is 4:00 PM on May 6, 2022. 

The Franklin County Engineer’s Office is an Equal Opportunity employer.

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