Dear Governor DeWine:

Governor Mike DeWine According to stats, the majority of abortions in Ohio are from Black women. You are gleeful about the over-ruling of reproductive freedoms by the Supreme Court. Do you not have an issue that two of the Justices LIED during their confirmation hearings? What happened to the rule of law? Honesty, Truthness… A win by any means necessary?

When did Ohio care about Black women or Black children? What SPECIFICALLY  will be done to improve the lives of Black families? What will be legislated and passed into law to provide equity and improve the lives of Black women who are forced to give birth?  What will be done about the Black infant and maternal mortality rate in Ohio?  My expectation is that you put your money behind your Christian values.  When passing laws remember, Black mothers and Black babies matter!  They are at risk.

FYI, Your minority business division removed MBEs from the certification program during COVID because their certifications expired. Taxpayers and drivers got extensions and grace. But not Black businesses. Another great example Ohio is valuing Black families.

Your thoughts...