Publisher’s Note: Why hasn’t the CCS AC issue been resolved?

The Columbus City Schools and the Columbus Education Association are battling over their contract. Classes are scheduled to start on August 24.  One point of contention that will hopefully be resolved soon is the lack of air conditioning in 16 buildings.  Per the Columbus Dispatch, “The district added that with the issue of HVAC systems, the school board agrees with teachers that schools should have air conditioning in all buildings, and have already authorized the use of Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief funds to update HVAC systems in 16 school buildings.”

How long have they been updating the HVAC systems? 20 schools were closed last year because of this issue. ( Why didn’t this issue get attention prior to the start of a new school year? If teachers weren’t willing to strike over AC and building conditions, would things improve? Aren’t taxpayers paying an 18 percent permanent property tax to cover this?

When will the elected board get serious about the conditions of buildings, which impact Black student achievement? The district STILL has a levy on the November ballot.  Perhaps the answer isn’t asking the community for more funding. Maybe the elected board should hire professionals who have proven track records of success. Again, if the same folks are in charge of Operations, the district will get the same results. The CEA says it wants safe, properly maintained fully resourced schools in every neighborhood. I agree!

Just my thoughts…rwb

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