Publisher’s Note: Columbus City Schools have peeling LEAD PAINT


Columbus Board of Education, you have a problem in Operations. If the same people are in charge this school year, you will get the same results as last school year. Who is going to be held accountable for this? Buildings and Grounds have a 6 million dollar budget. THERE IS LEAD PAINT IN COLUMBUS CITY SCHOOLS BUILDINGS. The elected board is asking for more money and fighting with the teacher’s union while the buildings are unsafe and have peeling LEAD PAINT! SHAMEFUL! Criminal!

Incompetence is impacting the education of Black children. The board should hold its meetings in public classrooms so they witness first hand the building conditions.

Adair also said the board has prioritized federal dollars to be used for HVAC improvements and that the process is ongoing. She said the final offer contract offer ensures buildings have power, heat, air conditioning, and water.” Just a thought, public school buildings should have power, heat, ac and water. They should also be lead-free. These building basics should not be negotiated in an employment contract. What is the 18% permanent property tax being used for? How much is collected each year?

Are the children being tested for lead exposure?


just my thoughts…rwb

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