Publisher’s Note: No one was fired!

By Ronda Watson Barber
OhioMBE Publisher

NO ONE was fired because of the incompetence by Columbus City Schools administrators from last year’s heating issues that resulted in Black kids missing classes while directors got paid. Some folk may have even gotten a pay raise. (I will request last year’s performance reviews.) No one has been relieved of their duties because of trifling building conditions. There is/was no accountability for Black kids missing school. The same people are still in charge of Operations. There are apparently major issues in Buildings and Grounds and Capital Improvements. Where is the 18% permanent tax levy going? How do folks keep their jobs when they can’t/aren’t doing their jobs? It is evident that poor Black kids and their educational conditions don’t matter to the elected board. The elected board rehired Maurice Oldham and others who run Buildings and Grounds and Capital Improvements. Why? The same people in charge will get you the same results.

The Columbus Dispatch reports some schools won’t open with air conditioning.

“The district has responded in news releases by citing the HVAC underway on 13 buildings − while not mentioning that the work at six of the buildings won’t be completed until weeks into the school year, two others not until next year, and Mifflin Middle School potentially until a new replacement building is constructed.”

Black kids matter! And there is still a tax levy on the November ballot.

Just my thoughts…rwb

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