Publisher’s Note: Where is the building maintenance plan?

By Ronda Watson Barber
OhioMBE Publisher

Is there a building maintenance plan for each Columbus City School building? How and why are there rodents, bugs, and peeling LEAD PAINT in Columbus City School buildings? There haven’t been any reports of shoddy conditions where the administrators’ offices are housed. What is going on in Capital Improvements and Buildings and Grounds? Who is their leadership? Are they leading? It doesn’t appear so.

Perhaps the elected board should come up with a plan for maintaining clean, safe, and healthy buildings for staff and students. Perhaps the elected board should look at the management of the Operations division. Why should students and professionals be subjected to trifling unsafe work and learning conditions? Why aren’t work orders being processed in a timely manner? Why isn’t building conditions a major issue for the elected board? In their daytime jobs, the elected board doesn’t work in filth and unhealthy conditions. Why would they expect others to do so? If the CEA is demanding basic standards of building maintenance, WHY is this a problem for the elected board? Why are they not talking about building maintenance?

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