Columbus Zoo and Aquarium seeks proposals for the replacement of Conservation Lake Irrigation System

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium (CZA) is seeking proposals from Irrigation and Landscape companies for the de-commissioning and replacement of our current Conservation Lake Irrigation System.

Work will include the decommissioning of the current Irrigation System. Any Irrigation heads/controllers/valves that can be salvaged should be turned over to the Zoo. Work is to include boring below the walkway to connect the Lake and Education area Irrigation Systems. These areas are labeled on Exhibit A: Proposed Irrigation Plan for Conservation Lake. In addition, scope of work is to include: procurement of materials, labor, and one-year warranty for systems installed. Each proposal should include a plan for how to manage the new installation to prevent damage to exiting tree root systems.

Proposals are due September 23, 2022, 12pm local time. An electronic copy of the proposal shall be emailed to, and . Questions concerning the Proposal Submission or the Scope of Work may be directed electronically to Stoyan Iordanov,

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