Southland Contracting seeks subs/suppliers for Big Walnut project

Southland Contracting is seeking suppliers/subcontractors for the  upcoming Big Walnut Project 

Southland Contracting, Inc. will be submitting a bid as Prime Contractor to the City of Columbus Public  Works Division for the Bid Walnut Sanitary Trunk Extension Project – Phase 2. Don’t miss this  opportunity to be part of our TEAM. We are looking for subcontractors and suppliers to submit  proposals for this exciting project being built in Columbus, Ohio. 

Opportunities for Suppliers and Subcontractors include the following: 

Site Set-up & Restoration; Environmental & Erosion Control; Fencing Supply/Install; Pre-Excavation  Grouting; Pre-Construction Photos/Video/Survey; Dewatering Subcontractor; Geotechnical  Instrumentation Supply/Installation; Vibration Monitoring; Ground Support Supply; Project Signage;  Field Office Cleaning; Steel Supply, Pipe/Valve Supply; Precast Concrete Supply; Traffic Control; CCTV  Inspections; Concrete Ready-Mix; Rebar Supply/Install; Safety & Office Supplies; Aggregate Supply;  Asphalt & Concrete Paving; Trucking & Disposal for Soil, Rock, Concrete, etc.; Water & Sewer Utility; CIP  Concrete Structures Subcontractor; Temporary Electrical Subcontractor; Lumber Supply; Landscaping &  Tree Removal; Auger Shaft Drilling Subcontractor; Bypass Pumping; Secant Pile Installation; Saw Cutting;  Equipment Rentals; and various other Project Site Services. 

The project documentation and drawings are located at City of Columbus’s Bid Express listing  (; or by contacting Southland Contracting, Inc. at and requesting a link to the project. 

Note: Many of these opportunities can be pared down to smaller scopes to assist qualified Minority owned and Women-owned Businesses (MBE/WBE) in offering proposal and quotes for this project. Southland Contracting is willing to help minority subcontractors and/or suppliers in obtaining bonds,  lines of credit, and/or insurance when requested. 

All proposals and quotes are due by November 13, 2022. Please contact Cole Hanson at for more information.

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