Publisher’s Note: When will the buffoonery stop in Columbus City Schools?

Ronda Watson Barber

By Ronda Watson Barber
OhioMBE Publisher

Did you watch the last Columbus City School Board meeting?  Dr. Tina Pierce was on fire. She asked and demanded accountability about the inability of the Operations Division to get kids to and from school.  You can view the video here: Dr. Piece speaks on the subject around the 2-hour and 35-minute mark.  I wholeheartedly agree.  The demoted COO and other officials appear to be incapable of fulfilling this important task. Black children’s education is impacted because staff can’t do their jobs.   The families of the children who attend CCS are affected because the staff is incompetent at their jobs. People are losing their jobs because they can’t rely on the district to transport their children to and from school. The local media recently reported this:

The demoted COO has held his position for over eight years. What is his legacy? 

  • The inability to meet the 20 percent LEDE purchasing goals.  Although the district claims the program is race-neutral, white men are the beneficiaries of the disadvantaged business program in a predominately Black school district.
  • The LEDE program doesn’t have administrative guidelines.  He never called for the creation of them after being in the position for years.  
  • The inability to get kids to and from school. 
  • Trifling and unsafe school buildings.
  • The hiring of an inexperienced Building and Grounds director, who resigned this summer.
  • The lack of a safety plan for the district, per comments made by Dr. Dionne Blue on a recent community Zoom conversation.

How long will Dr. Dixon allow buffoonery and incompetence in the Operations Division to affect HER job? I am been asking for accountability for months now. It is good to see board members requesting it as well.

Just my thoughts….rwb


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