OBDC Construction Academy & SBLA present Mechanic Liens 101 – Nov. 10 online

Contractors! Are you protecting yourself out there? Let’s talk about the basics of Ohio’s Mechanics Lien Laws.

For example, should you provide a Notice of Commencement of Furnishing? If so, when?

How can contractors get liens for work or materials provided? When someone improves property and is not paid for the work or materials provided, they may be considered a creditor. Ohio law grants a creditor a lien upon the improved property in the amount of the unpaid billing. That is the simple concept behind Ohio’s Mechanics Lien Law.

Timelines for the processes involved in preserving lien rights can be complicated. Employees involved in the complicated lien process need to know the requirements under the law.

This course will provide attendees with information about the requirements needed to preserve your lien rights.

Register at https://social.moseslaw.pro/sbla-education


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