Elford, Inc. seeks subs/suppliers for Georgesville Rd. Refuse Station

Elford, Inc. is inviting you to bid on the following project: 

City of Columbus 1550 Georgesville Rd. Refuse Station – Phase 2

Bids are due on December 16, 2022 at 9:00 am

Bids should be submitted to Proposals@elford.com

This project consists of construction of a refuse station, which will include in Phase 1 : An open truck storage canopy, A hot load Sorting Pad, and Site work. Site work will include Utilities, Pavement, Landscaping, and Storm Water Management and other such work as may be necessary to complete the contract, in accordance with the drawings, technical specifications, and City of Columbus Construction and Material Specifications as set forth in this Invitation For Bid (IFB).

This project has an MBE/WBE participation goal of 10%.

Estimator Contact Information:
Aaron Daman
(614) 545-3129



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