Publisher’s Note: No apparent respectful protocols for CCS Visitors

It is most apparent that Columbus City Schools has no protocols for visitors at the administration building. It is also very evident that CCS staff and the security team need training on dealing with people they find difficult. Have you seen the video posted on YouTube by KULT News? You can view it here: 

That entire scene was a hot mess! I watched the whole 41 minutes of buffoonery. I couldn’t stop watch it. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I sent it to a friend, and she honestly thought it was a comedy skit or satire. Nope! The security team and communications director put the district in a negative light before a world audience as the superintendent and elected board president drove away. What will be the repercussions of their actions? Yelling, unwelcoming touching, and lacking customer service were on display. The CCS visitor say he plans to file assault charges against staff members. Who will pay the legal fees for the madness on full display if charges are brought?

The YouTuber is a known agitator who likes visiting public spaces and filming videos. He views it as his first amendment right.

The exchanges are very concerning. The interim COO, Maurice Oldham, oversees the Safety and Security department. He also oversees the Custodial department. It has been reported that a custodian is the man threatening to break the man’s camera. CCS staff led by Oldham failed bigly. Where was Oldham during the melee?

Why wasn’t the security team prepared for visitors with cameras? Why wouldn’t security personnel provide their names to a CCS visitor when asked? Why do CCS staff think the building, maintained with public funds, is private property? Why can’t you film in the lobby of the administration building? The facility is pretty secure, the elevator is locked, and no children were present.

Why would the CCS security team call Columbus Police twice on the vlogger? Involving the police twice was not a good use of Columbus PD resources and time. The first officer told CCS staff the visitor had the right to be in the building with his video camera. The issue appeared to be resolved. Another staffer tried admonishing and bullying the visitor for filming the district sign in front of the building. He also called the police on the KULT news reporter. Does the Oldham-led security team communicate with one another? They need more tax-payer-funded training.

Why was the communication director involved? Why wouldn’t she provide her name to a CCS visitor when asked? Is there a dress code for directors in the district? She certainly didn’t effectively communicate on behalf of Columbus City Schools. She appeared to invade his personal space multiple times.

There needs to be an investigation into the actions of all involved. There needs to be accountability. Columbus City Schools needs a proactive, not reactive chief operating officer. There should be a plan in place for respectfully communicating with visitors. CCS staff and administration may forget that they work for an entity funded with tax dollars. Their actions and records are open to public scrutiny. CCS staff should not threaten violence or touch people or their property without permission. The administration building should be welcoming, particularly when the elected board is asking the community to vote for $100 million a year in property taxes.

My friend who I sent the video said she would be forwarding the video to her contact base. She plans on using it as another example to defeat the upcoming levy.

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