Whitehall Board of Education: A Beacon of Effective Communication

By Ronda Watson Barber
OhioMBE Publisher

The Whitehall Board of Education recently made a significant decision, showcasing their ability to effectively communicate and engage with their community. In a move that reflects their commitment to thoughtful deliberation and transparency, the Board voted 3-2 to rescind a previous decision regarding Superintendent Sharee Wells’ contract. This decision not only provided more time for consideration about the district’s future but also highlighted the Board’s responsiveness to the community’s voice.

While the original reasons for not renewing Dr. Wells’ contract were not disclosed, the Board’s subsequent actions serve as a commendable example of open governance. The inclusion of new board member Lorena Lacey, who played a crucial role as the swing vote, further demonstrates the Board’s openness to diverse perspectives and new ideas.

This situation contrasts markedly with the approach of other educational institutions, such as Columbus City Schools. It’s essential for educational leaders to recognize the importance of clear, transparent, and timely communication with their stakeholders. In doing so, they not only build trust but also ensure that the community feels heard and valued in decisions that impact their lives.

The Whitehall Board of Education’s approach serves as a valuable lesson for other school districts. Effective communication is not just about sharing information; it’s about creating a two-way dialogue, where feedback is actively sought, considered, and acted upon. Such practices foster a sense of community and partnership, essential elements for the success of any educational institution.

The Whitehall Board of Education has set a high standard for effective communication and stakeholder engagement. Other districts, including Columbus City Schools, could benefit from adopting similar practices to strengthen their relationships with the communities they serve. After all, when schools and communities work together, the biggest winners are always the students.


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