Certification 101: Kickstart the Empower & Build Series

Unlock Business Growth with Certification

Join us for the first class in our Black History Month Empower & Build series. Certification 101, happening tomorrow at 11:30 AM online, is the opening session of this transformative series. Aimed at engaging 50 Black-owned businesses, this class offers a unique opportunity to explore the benefits of business certification:

  1. Access to Contracting Opportunities: Dive into a realm of new markets with exclusive contracts.
  2. Legitimacy for Your Business: Enhance credibility and build trust with your clients and partners.
  3. Access to Loans, Bonding, and Education: Leverage certification for vital business resources.
  4. Marketing Edge: Use certification to distinguish your business in the competitive market.

Register now at https://buytickets.at/OBDC and be a part of this empowering journey