Empowering Women in Construction: A Recap of OBDC’s Brown Bag Lunch at Marker Construction

The Ohio Business Development Center (OBDC) hosted a standout event titled “Women in Construction Industry Brown Bag Lunch” at the Columbus office of Marker Construction, a trailblazing certified Woman Owned Business. The event drew a dynamic crowd of women business owners from all corners of Ohio, each eager to build connections and explore new opportunities in the construction industry.

Fostering Networking and Knowledge Sharing

The atmosphere was buzzing with energy as attendees exchanged experiences, business cards, and ideas. Marker Construction opened its doors and its insights, focusing on how women can thrive in the construction field. The presentations and discussions centered around the importance of diversity and inclusion, with a special focus on initiatives for Women’s Business Enterprises (WBEs).

Insights from Industry Leaders

OBDC’s founder and executive director, Ronda Watson Barber, shared her vision for the event: “The goal was to get a group of women together to network and share resources. The information provided by Marker was valuable, and I know partnerships will be made.” Her words underscored the event’s mission to not only connect women entrepreneurs but also to arm them with the knowledge needed to succeed.

A Participant’s Perspective

The feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. One participant noted, “This was well worth the drive. One of the best networking events I’ve attended.” Such testimonials highlight the event’s impact in offering not just connections but also inspiration and empowerment to its attendees.

Marker’s Commitment to Diversity

The team at Marker Construction shared their ongoing commitment to fostering an inclusive business environment, which resonated with the audience. As a certified Woman Owned Business, Marker serves as a model for what is achievable in terms of diversity and inclusion in the construction industry.

Looking Forward

The success of the Brown Bag Lunch is just the beginning. OBDC continues to champion the advancement of women in the construction industry through various initiatives and events. Keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming opportunities to engage, learn, and grow with us.

Stay Connected

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