Recap of the May 21 OhioMBE Procurement Fair at Columbus Zoo

The May 21 OhioMBE Procurement Fair, held at the beautiful Columbus Zoo, was a remarkable success, bringing together businesses from across Ohio. The event provided an excellent platform for companies in the Construction, Events & Promotions, and IT/Tech sectors to forge new contracting connections with eager vendors.

One notable highlight was a successful meeting between a vendor and a representative, where measurements were taken, and a quote was provided on the spot. This practical engagement underscored the event’s value in facilitating immediate business opportunities.

Angel Mumma, the CFO of the Columbus Zoo, made a special appearance, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to supplier diversity. Felix Garcia, the Purchasing Director, along with his team, extended a warm welcome to all vendors, whose hospitality was greatly appreciated.

The event also saw participation from prominent organizations, including Franklin County Purchasing, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority, and Columbus Airports, further enriching the networking opportunities for attendees.

OhioMBE has been hosting procurement fairs since 2012, continuously fostering connections and promoting diversity in business. Reflecting on the event’s success, OhioMBE publisher Ronda Watson Barber said, “The procurement fairs are a testament to our commitment to empowering minority businesses. Each event opens new doors and creates valuable opportunities for growth and collaboration.”

The OhioMBE Procurement Fair at the Columbus Zoo showcased the vibrant potential of supplier diversity and fostered a collaborative environment for future business endeavors.