Columbus City Schools: Failing Our Black Children

By Ronda Watson Barber
OhioMBE Publisher

The Columbus City School District continues to demonstrate that it is not up to the task of educating Black children. The recently leaked document reflects their true sentiments and practices. They have no shame. They are grimy. Uplifting and empowering Black children is not a priority for them. To them, these are just Black kids living in a “City of Poverty,” who the district provides free breakfast and lunch.

I have read the documents. Folks are commenting on endorsements, and it is obvious the Columbus Education Association (CEA) wields a lot of power in the district. Columbus City Schools cannot investigate themselves. An outside independent body needs to look into this madness. The district’s in-house legal counsel and their retained law firm cannot be objective. They claim this is transparency, but it is nothing more than gaslighting. Everyone involved appears to have an agenda, looking out for their own interests, such as keeping their high-paying jobs or remaining on the elected board.

The consolidation of Columbus City Schools’ buildings is a hot spot in the Capital City. The Columbus City Schools and the elected board of education are failing. They are not effectively communicating with the community. They are not being truthful. This lack of honesty and transparency further exacerbates the distrust and dissatisfaction among parents, students, and community members.

It’s time for a change. An independent investigation is crucial to bring to light the true issues and hold those responsible accountable. Our Black and poor students are more than the tax dollars allocated to them, tax dollars that benefit white households in the suburbs. Our children deserve better. They deserve a district that prioritizes their education and well-being, not one that views them as mere statistics in a system that continues to fail them.

just my thoughts…rwb