Is the City of Columbus Real Estate Department Biased?

I got the report of an interesting interaction between City of Columbus representatives and a nonprofit agency.  I have a few questions.  Do landlords have free reign over rental property?  Can they just barge into your office unannounced?  What rights do tenants have when they lease from a governmental agency?

What I find more interesting about the City of Columbus, the Real Estate division who is supposed to manage the building in question, doesn’t do regular maintenance or any tasks associated with building management.  Doors are left unlocked, bathrooms aren’t cleaned regularly, floors aren’t mopped, trashed isn’t picked up, the fire alarm went off and was never reset, the list goes on and on.  Heck, the Mayor’s picture has cobwebs on it. I think the building is treated the way it is because it is located in what some perceive as the ghetto or Central City.  How convenient, the powers that be stop by once in a blue-moon to bully a receptionist, but they can’t provide reasonable basic services.

Oh yeah, what does it mean when they say “You people”  Does that mean Black people, young people, pretty people, smart people.  Perhaps, the City should train its representatives to treat all including receptionists with dignity and respect.  Remember, you work for the people not the other way.  Sometimes I think that whose who receive their paycheck with tax payer dollars feel a little more entitled to act a fool or perhaps visiting the “hood” showed their true colors.  The tenants and the near east side deserve better from the Real Estate division.  I’ll keep you posted.

Just my thoughts….




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