Crowdfund Newbie: You Better Tell Someone Who Cares

You Better Tell Someone Who Cares
By Ambrose Moses, III
OhioMBE – May 1, 2014

The secret to successful Crowdfunding is that IT’S NOT A SECRET!

Remember, the idea is to have a large number of individuals (i.e. a “crowd”) each contribute a small amount of money towards a common goal, purpose, or cause.  These small amounts add up to a larger more significant amount.  However, before people can participate, support, donate, purchase, or join your crowd, they have to know that you and your crowdfund campaign exist.

Equally important is the fact that your crowd must also include people who care.  This means that you must first promote your crowdfund campaign to people who care about and support you, your business, your organization, your cause, or your goal.

Friends, family, and close business associates are more likely to be your initial crowd because they support and believe in you.  They will then tell their friends and family about your crowdfund campaign and generate additional support.  As the word spreads, and people become more excited about your project, the chances of it going viral increase.

As you develop and plan your crowdfund campaign answer a few questions about your crowd.  Who are your supporters?  What individuals, groups, and organizations support you and your cause or project?  Where are they located?  How will you contact them?  What are their email addresses?  Are they on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media?

It’s not a secret.  Just remember to tell someone who cares.

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