MICA is teaching young adults construction skills

MICA is teaching young adults construction skills


Tarrell Mock, founder of MICA, instructs students in plumbing repair.

Tarrell Mock is making a difference in his neighborhood and in the Central Ohio construction industry. The general contractor is using his time and skills to train young people in the various construction trades.

“I want to give our children the opportunities and skills to succeed,” said Mock.  “They can make a very good honest days living in the construction trades.”

Mock is the founder of MICA, Minority and Independent Construction Alliance.   MICA’s training course provides students with an opportunity to explore the many different areas in construction  that relate to home maintenance and commercial repair.  Students  develop advanced problem-solving skills as they relate to home repair and essential life skills that will help make them self-reliant in maintaining or updating a residential structure.  Students will also learn hands on by performing many different home repair procedures and techniques including: plumbing, electrical, flooring, framing, windows and doors.

Another 10 week training class as well as weekend courses will begin in July.  If  you are interested, please contact Tarrell Mock at 614-817-1150 or via email mockcolumbus@aol.com