MORPC issues RFP for COG Planning Study

The Mid- Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) is an association of cities, villages, townships, counties, and regional organizations serving Central Ohio. MORPC has brought the communities of Central Ohio together to collaborate on a Greenway & Trail Vision for the growing region. The Central Ohio Greenways (COG) Board serves as a formal committee of MORPC’s Sustainability Advisory Committee (SAC). Board members represent the public, private, and non-profit sectors. The COG Board’s focus is to expand the trail system, increase programming, improve branding & marketing, and establish new public, private, and non-profit partnerships. The COG Board’s vision is a world-class network of trails easily accessible to every Central Ohioan, and its mission is to increase greenway trail mileage and use of trails for recreation and transportation needs.


In order to efficiently and successfully support the increased demand for trails, the COG Board would like to complete a planning study. The planning study will serve as an actionable blueprint for implementing the COG Board vision and should address the following:

  • A Case for Support that resonates, differentiates, and substantiates within the Central Ohio area and tells the story why this regional trail vision plan is critical to the future success of the region. This document will:
    • Evaluate effectiveness of current name, logo, and brand, including vision and mission statements, and make recommendations towards an effective branding strategy
    • Highlight Greenways strengths and successes
    • Test types of metrics that resonate most with stakeholders. These metrics could include health, environment, economics, transportation, social equity, or others
    • Provide personal narratives that articulate the opportunities the COG vision provides
    • Use existing statistics and data to develop emotional narratives
  • An Operational Program that will:
    • Assess the existing operational structure and capacity of Central Ohio Greenways staff and members
    • Provide recommendations for effective leadership for an awareness campaign
    • Provide recommendations for best funding / grant management model that resonates with potential donors
  • A Funding Strategy, which will:
    • Evaluate the capacity of existing funders
    • Identify future funders, their funding capacity, and their funding goals
    • Research and recommend innovative funding models
    • Provide a community readiness assessment to determine the best time and pace to request funding and implement the vision.


  1. A development tool, which makes the case for support.
  2. A summary document that highlights the operational and funding assessments.
  3. A recommendations document that proposes operational structure, regional champions, and fundraising mechanism.
  4. Any other deliverable that seems helpful based on the proposed scope of services.


The anticipated timeline for this project is 16 weeks from the project start date and its total budget cannot exceed $50,000.
View full RFQ: FINAL_RFP-for-Planning-Study-July-2018