Publisher’s Note: Columbus City Schools fails to meet LEDE purchasing goal for 5th straight year

Columbus City Schools, the largest public school district in Ohio, has failed to meet its 20% LEDE purchasing goal for the fifth straight year.  The district spent $88,203,222.01 during the 2016-2107 school term.  Forty-nine Black-owned LEDE, Local Economically Disadvantaged Enterprises, received $12,175,668.94 of purchasing contracts or 8.87 percent of all contracting dollars.

Why can’t or won’t Columbus City Schools meet the mandated purchasing goals?  Why does the elected school board continue to pass legislation that doesn’t include LEDE businesses?  Why aren’t administrators being held accountable for failing to meet a board policy?

Three incumbent board members are running for reelection.  Under their tenure, they have failed to ensure that Black businesses in Columbus are included in the purchasing scheme. Are Black businesses a priority?  The board and administrators were very active when they wanted a permanent 18 percent property tax passed last year.

What is their plan to improve upon the reported numbers?  What policies have been introduced to make sure that administrators are being inclusive in purchasing?

Are you advocating for your business?  Have you contacted an elected board member?  Have you joined an advocacy group?  Have you started an advocacy group?  The Columbus NAACP has been in the forefront of advocating for Black businesses.  How are you showing appreciation for the advocacy?

2016-17 FINAL LEDE Report 10-3-17

Advocate! Resist!

Just my thoughts…rwb