Announcing the CertifyOhio Series: A Gateway to Growth for Small and Minority-Owned Businesses

The Ohio Business Development Center (OBDC) is proud to introduce the CertifyOhio training series this April, aimed at small and minority-owned businesses interested in harnessing certifications for growth. This initiative offers a strategic opportunity to understand the certification landscape, effectively navigate the application process, and use certifications to enhance business potential.

Participants will gain insights into state and private sector certifications, receive detailed guidance on the certification application process, and learn strategies to maximize the benefits of their certification. The series features sessions led by industry experts with successful certification experience and provides networking opportunities to connect with peers and build a supportive business network.

The CertifyOhio series is designed to demystify the process of obtaining business certifications, showcasing them as a valuable tool for accessing new markets, securing government contracts, and participating in networking events designed to elevate business profiles.

For registration details and more information, please visit our website at Enhance your business’s competitive edge through the power of certification.