Small Business Matters: Your reputation is showing!

Your reputation is showing!
By Vernalee
OhioMBE – July 18, 2014

How much is too much and how less is not enough!

Finding the right visibility balance of exposing your company to the world is significantly important.   Do not be misled, consumers are educated.  Selections for products and services are often incentive driven or knowledge based. So positioning your company by expressing what you want your name to represent is pivotal to imaging and sales.  Make no mistake about it; people remember what they see.   That’s the power of advertising.

So I ask.  What do people see when they see your company’s name, logo and image on printed literature, advertisements, and social media?  When you support and participate in community and civic events, what does it tell your audience?  How do you let the universe know who you are; how do you get your messaging out?  Whatever avenue you undertake, your work and activity will provide blueprints that craft your reputation.

The cliché, “Your reputation precedes you” is not just a slogan, it is a significant predictor. Your reputation is a resultant by-product that encapsulates the sum total of your company’s activities.  Your company’s reputation influences purchasing trends, denotes consumers’ loyalties, and is a relevant distinguisher of your services /products from your competitors.

Never think that external activities are not measured.  Recently, a qualifying company worthy of a prestigious award lost a competition due to its insufficient level of community service and external activities.  The better your reputation; the better you look to your buying and external public.

Some companies invest thousands to measure, test, enhance, and improve their reputation.  They care about their reputation and their delivery of services alongside their clients’ opinions.  What your customers think about your products / services determine if they will buy and if they will return for additional purchases.

 A company’s reputation is its heartbeat; its foundational cornerstone.   A good reputation solidifies your market dominance, promotes you as a proven commodity, influences sales, demonstrates consumer acceptability, and positively affects your bottom line.  Your good reputation is your measuring stick and sales determinant.  You worked hard to get it and you will have to work hard to keep it!  A positive reputation also provides an illuminating spotlight!  Go ahead toot your horn about your royal reputation.  Your name has become golden to the masses. Promote yourself.  It is not being braggadocio; it is your golden reputation … showing!

Vernalee is a respected entrepreneur in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. As President of Lee Enterprises Ltd., she helps her clients achieve success in the areas of human resources, supplier diversity, marketing, business development, and communications.  Lee is also a freelance writer for a number of publications.  She is the published author of “I’m Doing Me” and “Stuff We Talk About.”  Follow Vernalee at and   She can be reached at


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