Month: October 2022

Kokosing Industrial seeks subs/suppliers for Hap Cremean Water Plant Sodium  Hypochlorite Improvements

 “Attention Certified MBE/WBE/DBE via DOT, SBA, or Other” Kokosing Industrial, Inc. is preparing bids for the Hap Cremean Water Plant Sodium Hypochlorite Improvements project in Columbus, Ohio which bids November 16, 2022.  We are seeking quotes for any portion of the…

The Oct. 27 OhioMBE Bid Board

The Oct. 27 OhioMBE Bid Board is here: Check out the new contracting opportunities and upcoming events.  Sign up to get text notifications when OhioMBE posts a new contracting opportunity.  Text OhioMBE to 855-703-0748 from your mobile device.

It’s OhioMBE Awards Week

It’s OhioMBE Awards Week.  What event are you attending? Tickets are still available for the Networking Reception and the OhioMBE Procurement Fair. Make new contracting connections!